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No matter what industry you work in, you’re going to be working with other people. If you own your own business or are a manager, you’ll be managing a team of people working to accomplish the goals of your organization. No matter how much your team loves what they do or how great they are at their jobs, there are going to be times they aren’t motivated. This feeling isn’t their fault, it’s just what happens. Here are some steps you can take to keep your team motivated and avoid losing productivity at work.

Find out why they’re unmotivated

Before working to fix the problem, attempt to learn why your team is unmotivated or reasons why they may become unmotivated. Maybe they don’t feel fulfilled at work or maybe one of them is struggling with a personal difficulty. If the reason is something you can change, you need to do so. If you can change the way you’re currently doing something to make work more engaging, go ahead and try that. Usually, slight changes can motivate employees to get more done.

Clearly communicate your goals

A lot of times, managers make the mistake of not clearly communicating their own and the company goals with their employees. If you want to motivate a team, you need them to be able to see the long term goal you’re all working for. People feel much more motivated to work on something when they understand what they’re working toward and feel as though they’re making progress.

Create a positive work environment

Your team will work infinitely better in a comfortable work environment, so make sure they have access to one. Try to decorate the office to some degree and provide light snacks and coffee or tea. If the office is comfortable and inviting, it helps employees feel motivated and at ease.

Regularly ask for feedback

There’s probably a lot that you could be doing to make employees feel more motivated, but you won’t know what those things are unless you ask. Stay open-minded for suggestions, but realize you don’t have to accommodate everything your team asks for; some requests are unrealistic! If your employees know you’re available for feedback, they’ll be more likely to talk to you about any issues or ideas they have and you’ll be able to infinitely improve the office culture.

Encourage professional development

When people feel like they aren’t improving themselves in any way, they can begin feeling unmotivated. While you can’t promote everyone in the office or give them a raise, you can encourage professional development and occasionally reward stellar employees. Let your team know about local networking opportunities, host seminars yourself, or consider compensating classes they take that are related to their jobs.